Evaluation of the essay

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Evaluation of the essay occurs on the basis of certain criteria.

In order to formulate these criteria, we first recall the requirements for the essay, on the basis of which the assessment takes place:

  • Have your own position about the problem being studied.
  • Analysis is performed at the theoretical and practical levels.
  • There is a convincing argument of his opinion, the essence of the problem, ways to solve it.

How is the essay evaluated

An essay is written poorly if:

  • Has its own point of view.
  • The problem is poorly analyzed, the argument is almost absent.
  • No special terminology is used.

Slightly higher score if:

  1. There is a point of view.
  2. Special terms are used when submitting information.
  3. Arguments from a personal or social life without their scientific explanation are given.

Work is rated as good if:

  • There is an opinion.
  • When describing the essence of using special concepts and terms.
  • It is given as an argument your own or someone else’s experience, the observed phenomena.
  • To a small extent, there is an explanation of the facts from personal life from a scientific point of view.
  • An essay is rated as excellent if:
  • When analyzing the issues, one’s opinion on this is shown.
  • The analysis performed gives an unequivocal answer to the question posed.
  • There is a theoretical justification of the views of the author, the essence of the problem, etc.
  • There is a convincing argument of their views.
  • Actively and appropriately used terms.
  • Final conclusions are formulated, confirming or disproving the hypothesis originally put forward.

Additionally, the following criteria are used for evaluation:

  • Properly selected methods for analysis.
  • Explore alternative views on the nature of the problem identified and how to solve it.
  • The given points of view of scientists are given their own assessment.
  • There is a logic of presentation of information.
  • All abstracts are supported by the necessary number of arguments.
  • Complied with the style of presentation.

In order for the assessment and the requirements of the essay to be as correct as possible, its correspondence to the structure of this type of student work, correct design, absence of errors, reduction if necessary to original sources, absence of excessive generalization or surface analysis are analyzed. These are also essay criteria that significantly influence the assessment.