Features of an essay

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The term “essay” came from the stapling frustrating move as “experience, testing, striving, sketch, essay.” “A brief writing encyclopedia” states: an attempt to provide personal emotions with upsetting considerations, in this way or another way, connected with it ”. in a similar way, an essay is a given creation-judgment of an insignificant size with an independent composition, expressing personal emotions, judgments according to a specific problem, having upset a question beforehand in no way claiming a comprehensive interpretation of an object. the image of the essay stands out figurative, aphoristic, paradoxical. for the purpose of an essay, the use of multiple money of figurative expressiveness is peculiar: metaphors, allegorically frustrating parable figures, signs, comparisons.

Features essay as well as literature cine janor.

  • the presence of a specific problem or problem. problem essay is always clear, some scholars report the collapse of this, that the beloved has an individual look.
  • an individual type of perception of the difficulty of having upset her comprehension. an essay is an individual style, it is curiously upsetting by this directly meaningful, what gives the person the creator the chance to see, the peculiarity of his view, his way of thinking, speaking, attitude to society.
  • insignificant size. This or that, or hard limits, of course, is in no way available, but including the most articulate writer, as well as the principle, limits his own creation to 2 or 3 dozen pages (the presence of this happens before ¬ enough frustrating 1 st sheet, some capacious, thought-provoking tirades).
  • independent structure. This essential distinguishing feature essay. Researchers fix, the fact that the essay according to its own nature is organized in such a way that it does not tolerate any external framework.
  • natural narrative. the creator of the essay is important to determine a trustworthy way of communicating with the reader; in order to be conscious, one evades the intentionally complicated, vague, excessively “strict” constructions.
  • inconsistency. the starting point for the purpose of reasoning expressed in the essay is often considered to be aphoristic, colorful statement or a pseudo-nominal establishment, which almost dismisses, in the first opinion, undeniable, but mutually exclusive comrade, properties, theses.
  • spiritual connotation integrity. uncomplicated according to the composition, directed to the individuality, the essay together with it owns the internal connotational consensus, the polyadelfit. the consistency of the main theses of the frustrated statements, the internal agreement of the arguments of the frustrating associations, the consistency of these opinions, in which the creator’s personal point of view.
  • accessibility. an essay the presence of this remains fundamentally incomplete – not in any way in this sense, that the writer stops in mid-term when he’s frustrated that he deliberately doesn’t declare his own intention until the end, but in this, that one doesn’t pretend to reveal it completely , in a whole, complete study.