How to format an essay?

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Often teachers have their own vision of how to arrange an essay correctly. But it almost never contradicts the general requirements, the differences usually lie in the size of the font or the interval, the need to identify structural elements, etc. The Internet contains many recommendations on how to submit an essay, a sample is easy to download from the base of finished student works. But no one guarantees you that by entering the request “essay design sample”, you will receive relevant and reliable information, and not someone’s work, filled with errors.

How to issue the name of the work

Making an essay begins with the choice of writing his name. Traditionally it is placed in the middle of the first page. It is printed in the same font as the rest of the work. Typically, this font is Times New Roman, 14, and at least 12 size, using a half interval.

Requirements for registration do not involve writing a plan, since an essay is a small amount of written work. It is unwise to make a separate plan for an essay of two or three pages. But if necessary, you can select subtitles. This will facilitate the presentation of the material and the perception of the text. They are written with indention and no dot at the end.

How to make an introduction to the essay

Rarely enough, the entry is placed on a separate page. Usually it is immediately followed by the main part, which is separated by a subtitle or indent. In the introduction, you should analyze the relevance of the chosen topic, outline the purpose of writing the essay, put forward a hypothesis that needs to be confirmed or refuted. Starting from this page, the work is numbered.

How to make an essay text

It is allowed to be italicized or in bold, those provisions that you want to pay extra attention to. The body text rarely contains tables or figures. But if they are available, they are formalized in a standard way, and are numbered in the order in which they appear in the text.

When using quotations, they should be issued properly. That is, you need to use quotes, denoting the boundaries of citations. All quotes, statistics or other information is provided only with the source. For this you need to use links or footnotes.

How to make a conclusion essay

Each scientific work must necessarily contain a conclusion. The essay does not imply a conclusion on a separate page. Usually these are a few sentences in which the results of the work done are stated, indicating whether the hypothesis put forward in the introduction to the essay has found confirmation.