Writing an essay

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One of the varieties of monitoring students’ knowledge in the current forges of training, retraining of frustrated increase in staff skills – higher education institutions is considered an essay of frustrated protection of creative writing works. More generally, at institutes or institutes 2 main figures of writing creative works are used – an essay on frustrated essays. So what is this essay like?

That a similar essay, as well as creative writing

According to the generally accepted establishment: an essay is a model of the current control of students’ knowledge, established in training in various faculties in these or other institutions, institutions, with the goal of uncovering their own individual properties, knowledge, skills, frustrating opportunities for cognitive activity, independent work, and learning and creative frustrating job seeker.

An essay is a given unstructured writing creative activity, which presupposes a bardic vision of difficulty, problems or actions, is presented in a skeptical journalistic style. directly in this is the difference essay from the abstract – in the bard vision of the illumined problem in the dumb. if the report implies an unfavorable study of someone else’s – in this case, a different opinion, then the student of the university must formulate his own judgment directly in the essay, what is manifested through proper speech frustrating rhetorical systems: “I think …”, “I suppose … “,” In my opinion …

The scope of the activity must be similar in order to allow the problem to be carried out in absolute terms, but no less than 2 pages, which upset no more than 4 pages of a word printed in the same-4 format, fourteen in a one and a half-length font.

Criteria score essay done by a student:

  • compliance of the location of the activity with the established problem, the ability to identify it;
  • the ability to detect frustrated to present compelling data to frustrate the arguments according to the problem essay;
  • the degree of clarity, consistency, order of display of ideas in the text essay, the ability to carry out research of precedents by frustrating to make sound conclusions on their basis;
  • presence in the work of personal reasoning upsetting the individual relationship to the issue;
  • observance of conditions according to the registration activity.