Our Project

Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak is committed to providing financial and other assistance to truly disadvantaged people, especially chidren and the elderly. We have three ongoing projects that are ideally suited to corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding and we urge corporations to consider investing in these projects on an ongoing basis.

The Rawinala Foundation

is one of the major recipients of funds from the Club and we have successfully completed a number of projects to help better the lives of the children and young adults that are helped by the foundation. To read more on Rawinala

Yayasan Lestari Sayang Anak

s a South Jakarta based orphanage for abandoned babies and toddlers.The mission of the owner of the orphanage and her helpers is to provide a home for these precious children where they can receive the love and attention that they deserve. Ingrid van der Mark is a PHD in Social Sciences and is truly committed to the welfare of her charges.Seeing is believing – if you are interested in supporting Ingrid please give her a call on 08179189727 or email her at ingrid5_09@yahoo.com.

Indonesia has and will continue to be effected by natural disasters. Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak will continue to provide funds or materials such as shelter boxes for urgent provision of staples and shelter. Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak identifies the need to be proactive in being able to provide for  for the needs of displaced and distressed people.  We need to have a reserve of funds for rapid disbursement as needed and at when needed.

We urge corporate and private donors to lodge donations with us for effective disbursement in the time of need. Transparency is assured.

For further details of these programs please Contact Us.

To see photos and details of our most recent projects, please go to our Facebook page.

Other Project

Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak has also been involved in other one-off or special purpose projects. We have over the years assisted the Mama Sayang Orphanage and helped to fund a library and computer room in a primary school in Wijaya.

We have recently joined with Hotel Kristal to finance for Cheshire House the acquisition of a specially modified bus, a much needed mode of getting those confined to wheelchairs out and about.

Recently we have donated funds for an urgent operation for a 17 year old boy who has for most of his life been unable to walk. In April 2012 we funded the second operation for Yogi, putting him on the road to total recovery.

Ingrid van der Walk runs an ‘orphanage’ for abandoned babies called Yayasan Lestari Sayang Anak (YLSA). We are working with YLSA to find sponsors of this rather extraordinary Yayasan to ensure sustainable funds to enable Ingrid and her carers to provide a home for these precious children.

Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak will consider all requests for financial and other support provided the following criteria is met:

    The beneficiaries must be genuinely under-privileged.

2     The beneficiaries must be in South Jakarta and more particularly in or near the Cilandak area.

3     There must be transparency of the disbursed funds.

4     The amount of funding involved must be within the Club’s financial capabilities.